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Art Department Colloquium: Emmelyn Butterfield-Rosen

Emmelyn Butterfield-Rosen, Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Williams Graduate Program in the History of Art, presents Art Department Faculty Colloquium “Beethoven’s Farewell”: The Creative Genius “in the Claws of the Secession.”

This talk is drawn from a larger research project that examines a
transformation in conventions for posing human figures in European art in
the decades around 1900. The focus will be the “Klinger-Beethoven
Exhibition” held in spring in 1902 by the Vienna Secession, and the
productive disruption that took place on this occasion of a long tradition
of depictions of genius in postures of contemplation. Butterfield-Rosen identifies a new
formal device for the depiction of creative thought, and argues for its
epistemological significance.

Wednesday, Mar. 1,  4:15pm

Lawrence 3