Grad Art


Clark Colloquium–Art: Creative Care

April 7-9, 2017 Convened by Kaira M. Cabañas (University of Florida) and Suzanne Hudson (University of Southern California) Participants: Lynne Cooke (National Gallery of Art), Ivone Margulies (Hunter College), Briley Rasmussen (Independent Scholar), Ana Maria Reyes (Boston University), Judith Rodenbeck (UC Riverside), Rebekah Rutkoff (Independent Scholar/Artist), Jenni Sorkin (UC Santa Barbara), Lula Wanderley (Espaço Aberto ao Tempo), Gina Ferreira (Projeto Cinema na Praça) This colloquium will consider the following questions: When did artistic practice begin to be understood as having positive therapeutic effects? In what contexts has making art been conceived as a means by which to improve a subject’s life? Where and when does art as therapy converge with art as avant-garde practice? Art: Creative Care aims to approach these questions in relation to the history of modern and contemporary art from an interdisciplinary and international perspective. The seminar thus invites an in-depth exploration of the conception of art as creative care through research that engages with the various educational programs, community centers, and exhibitions that take up the intertwined histories of art and therapy.