Grad Art

Imagining American Union

America has always been in search of a more perfect union. The sheer diversity and size of the country, while a great blessing, is also a constant source of strife: how can so many different people agree on the common good? Who is allowed to craft this myth? How do various groups perceive this union differently? When has this goal been compromised? Over 250 years of history, many stories have been told of union and disunion. Two dreams— one of individuality and independence, the other of community and cooperation— have tugged at the American people. Nonetheless, our shared banner has remained intact, tattered yet still waving. Is it too soon to know if we will overcome the trials foreseen by Washington? Visit Imagining American Union in the Special Collections Instruction Gallery (Sawyer 408) through June 12, 2017, M-F 10-5. Curated by Special Collections intern Rachel Wilson, Graduate Art MA ’18.