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Kailani Polzak Joins Faculty as C3 Mellon Post-doctoral Fellow in Art History

Kailani Polzak has been appointed to a two-year post-doctoral assistant professorship. Kailani received a B.A. from the University of California, Santa Cruz and a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley. She specializes in European visual culture of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and is particularly interested in the pictorial politics of race and colonialism in Oceania. To complement her research and writing in the United States, Kailanikpolzak crop edit 1 has conducted research abroad in France, Germany, England, Aotearoa – New Zealand, and Australia with the support of fellowships from the Social Science Research Council and the Georges Lurcy Foundation. She is currently preparing a book manuscript entitled, Inscribed Distances: Picturing Human Difference and Scientific Discovery Between Europe and Oceania regarding English, French, and Russian exploratory voyages in the Pacific and the pictorialization of race in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Her interests extend well past the subject of this manuscript and she has taught courses on the Spanish artist Francisco de Goya, French painting in the nineteenth century, and methods in the history of art.

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