Grad Art


Lecture: Jill Casid — Necrolandscaping on the Border

Clark/Oakley Humanities Fellow Jill Casid presents “Necrolandscaping on the Border.”

In recent calls for an ecological aesthetics capable of reckoning with global Anthropocene crisis, landscape’s colonial and neo-colonial dreamwork, master-of-all-I-survey perspectives, and distanced way of seeing that reduces nature to object appear under the sign of negation. However, as I develop in this lecture based on work-in-progress for the current book project Necrolandscaping that draws on current artistic experimentation that confronts and works through the damage of the landscape form, what I term “necrolandscaping” offers a new ars moriendi that contests and endeavors to transform the necropolitical conditions of settler colonial occupation from the position of the already dead and yet still active through an aesthetic tactics of landscape in the deformative that mines the volatile, strangely resilient powers of death for Necrocene ethics.

5:30 pm-6:30 pm
Manton Auditorium