Grad Art


Michael Sanchez Public Lecture: “The Traffic in Artists, 1967-74”

At the turn of the 1970s, a new infrastructure for art emerged on the basis of importing people rather than artworks. Originally a Northern European phenomenon, coinciding with the importation of American minimal and conceptual art, this model proved to be foundational for the decades of contemporary art to come. Using dealers like Konrad Fischer and collectors like Martin and Mia Visser as case studies, this lecture will provide an introduction to the logic of this system in economic, technological, and social terms.

Michael Sanchez received his PhD in art history from Columbia University in Fall 2016. His work has appeared, most recently, in Grey Room and the third volume of the catalogue raisonné of Martin Kippenberger.

Tuesday, December 6, 5:30pm

Hunter Studio, Lunder Center at Stone Hill, Clark Art Institute