Grad Art

Object and Curatorial Workshops

Reading Room in Manton Center

Each semester, Object Workshops are offered for graduate students to approach a variety of art objects from technical, material, and connoisseurial perspectives. The series takes students to pieces at the Clark and affiliated institutions for in-depth analysis outside the classroom. Bi-weekly Contemporary Curatorial Workshops are available for students studying contemporary art and curatorial practice. Students present on-going curatorial projects, undertake studio and site visits, host local and visiting curators for presentations, and explore key topics in modern and contemporary art and curatorial practice.

Curatorial Workshops
Spring 2020

FRI 14 Feb, 12-2PM (time can be adjusted depending on the student schedules)
Visit led by Vic

MON 24 Feb, 4-6PM
Visitor: Curator and writer Joshua Simon on his forthcoming book on curatorial practice, Metastability, and his 2018 exhibition The Kids Want Communism.

MON 9 March, 4-6pm
Visitors: Choreographers Rashaun Mitchell and Silas Riener on dancing in museums and approaches to working with performers within exhibition timescales.

Monday 13 April, 4pm-6pm
Nidhi, Sinclair, Mallory, Elyse, Isy on their postponed Kameelah Janan Rasheed WCMA show

Monday 20 April, 4-6pm
Jamie Stevens on Artists Space’s Authorization Sessions and Psychoanalysis

Monday 27 April, 4-6pm
Apsara DiQuinzio on her upcoming exhibition New Time: Art and Feminisms in the 21st Century at BAM/PFA and the multi-institutional platform the Feminist Art Coalition (FAC).

Monday 4 May, 4-6pm (TBD)Writers Ciarán Finlayson, Tobi Haslett, and artist/writer Hannah Black on The Tear Gas Biennial

Curatorial Workshops
Fall 2019

FRIDAY 6 SEPT / 3.30-5PM
WCMA – Rose
Introduction to the Contemporary Curatorial Workshop
Axis Mundo exhibition opening to follow at 5pm

MON 23 SEPT, 4-6PM
WCMA – Rose
Exhibition Planning Workshop + Introduction to Group Project

FRI 27 SEPT, All day
Exhibition visits + meetings with curators

MON 7 OCT, 4-6PM
WCMA – Rose
Visitor: Meg Onli (Assistant Curator, ICA Philadephia)

THURS 24 OCT, 4-5:30PM
WCMA – Rose
Visitor: Emma Enderby (Senior Curator, The Shed, New York)

WCMA – Public talk
Visitor: Miguel Lopez (Chief Curator, TEOR/éTica, Costa Rica)

CCW are also encouraged to participate in the Miguel Lopez masterclass with Ondine Chavoya and Mari Rodriguez Binnie’s classes on 7 Nov at noon.

MON 11 NOV, 4-6PM
WCMA – Rose
Visitor: Ileana Ramírez Romero (Founding Director, Tráfico Visual, Venezuela)

MON 2 DEC, 4-6PM
Art Faculty Studio Visits

Curatorial Workshops
Spring 2019

Mon 4 Feb, 4-6pm
Review of group project

Fri-Sat 8-9 Feb
Wellesley Latin American conference/show

Monday 18 Feb, 4-6pm
Tiona Nekkia McClodden (artist and curator)

Wed 6 March, 4-6pm
Group project workshop / crits with WCMA curators

Tues 12 March, 12-2pm
Ileana Ramirez (Director of Programs, Cisneros Foundation / Founder, Tráfico Visual)

Mon 8 April, 10am-12pm
Liz Munsell (Curator, Boston Museum of Fine Arts)

Sat 13 April
Envisioning Curatorial Practice with Adam Lerner (Director, MCA Denver)

Fri 19 April, 4-6pm
General Sisters (artists)

Sat 20 April, 1pm
General Sisters CCW public program

Wed 24 April, 4-6pm
Group project workshop

Fri 3 May, 10-12noon
Rita Gonzalez (Curator, Los Angeles County Museum of Art)

Object Workshops (Several object workshops TBA this semester.)
Spring 2019

Thursday, February 7
WCMA study room 4:30-6:00
workshop with Kevin Murphy

Thursday, March 7
workshop with Horace Ballard

Wednesday, April 17
5-7 pm
Esther Bell


Fall 2018

Session 1:
Thurs. Sept 6, 5-6PM
WCMA – Rose

Session 2:
General Sisters
Fri. Sept 7, 3-5PM
WCMA – General Sisters

Session 3:
WCMA Curatorial Project Introduction
Mon. Sept 17, 4-6pm
WCMA – Rose

Session 4:
Exhibition / Visit with curators Lauren Cornell (Hessel) and Susan Wides (T Space)
Fri. 21 Sept, 11am-4pm – Lauren Cornell
CCS Bard/Hessel Museum and ’T’ Space Rhinebeck

Session 5:
Visitor – Curator Petar Milat (Multimedia Institute/MaMa, Zagreb, Croatia)
Mon. Oct 15, 4-6pm

Session 6:
WCMA exhibition proposals
Mon. Oct 29, 4-6pm
WCMA – Rose

Session 7:
Visitor – Artist Rafa Esparza (student workshop led by Marco-Antonio)
Mon. Nov 12, 4-6pm

Session 8:
Visitor – Curator Anaïs Duplan (Studio Museum/MoMA)
Mon. Nov 26, 4-6pm
WCMA – Rose

Session 9:
Visitor – Curator Kathy Noble (Performa)
Mon. Dec 3, 4-6pm


Spring 2018

Tuesday, March 6
WCMA 5:00-6:00 Assemble in lobby at 5pm.
Kevin Murphy–portrait miniatures

Monday, April 9
Chapin Library 5:00-6:00
Renzo Baldasso & Shira Brisman

Curatorial Workshops
Spring 2018

Tuesday 6 February:

WCMA – Rose

4-5pm WCMA Curatorial Meeting

5-6pm Elise Chagas – Etel Adnan / MASSMoCA exhibition workshop

Friday 23 February:

WCMA – Rose

2-4pm Moses Serubiri, co-curator 10th Berlin Biennale (June 2018)

Wednesday 7 March:

WCMA – Rose

4-6pm Apsara diQuinzio, Curator BAMPFA

Friday 16 March:

WCMA – Rose

2-4:30pm WCMA/ CCW curatorial project workshop

Thursday 5 April:

WCMA – Rose

4-6pm Laura McLean Ferris, Curator Swiss Institute

Thursday 12 April: 

7-8pm L231

WCMA Envisioning Curatorial Practice with Lumi Tan, Curator The Kitchen – one-on-ones for grads

Wednesday 18 April:

Lawrence 3 classroom
4-6pm Jennifer Burris, Escuela FLORA, Bogotá and Marfa Sounding, Texas

Friday 27 April 

WCMA-Workshop with the General Sisters

Wednesday 2 May

Meet at the Fort
5:50 CCW curatorial project workshop

Friday 11 May

Trip to Boston–Carpenter Center/Harvard, MIT List, and ICA


Object Workshops

Fall 2017
Thursday, September 27
Hancock Shaker Village
Michael Lewis

Spring 2017
These workshops begin at 5pm and conclude with an informal meal or drink with the speaker.

Thursday, April 20
Clark Art institute
Lauren Cannady–the Clark’s Fragonard

Wednesday, May 3
Clark Art Institute
Laure Jacquin de Margery– 19th-century edition sculpture at the Clark

Thursday, May 11
Mass MoCA
Mark Haxthausen–the Lewitt murals


Curatorial Workshops
Fall 2017
Curatorial workshops are led by Victoria Brooks, Visiting Lecturer in the Graduate Program in Art History as well as Lisa Dorin, Interim Director of WCMA.  Days and times of class meetings vary. See below.

Monday, 18 September, 4-6pm
WCMA-Rose Reading Room
Victoria Brooks–Introduction

Wednesday 4 October, 4-5:30pm
WCMA-Lawrence 3
Visitor: Alix Schwartz

Wednesday, 18 October, 4-6pm
WCMA-Lawrence 3
Visitor: Jeannine Tang

Thursday, 9 November, 6-8:30pm
EMPAC Studio Visits: Laure Prouvost and Ali Moini
6:00-7:30pm- artist visit with Prouvost
7:30-8:30pm-Ali Moini performance

Monday, 20 November, 4-6pm
WCMA-Rose Reading Room
Visitor-Yesomi Umolu

Friday, 1 December
NYC trip: Visit with Pablo León de la Barra and Laura McLean Ferris (and others)
11:30am start time; 80 Washington Square East (NYU)

Thursday, 7 December, 4-8pm
WCMA-Rose Reading Room
Visitor-Laura McLean Ferris
4-6 Visitor Workshop
6-8pm Student Exhibition Crits

Spring 2017
All curatorial workshops (ARTH 563) meet on Mondays at WCMA from 4-6pm unless otherwise noted. They are led by Victoria Brooks, Visiting Lecturer in the Graduate Program in Art History as well as Lisa Dorin, Deputy Director of WCMA.

February 13
Rose Reading Room
Victoria Brooks–Through the lens of production

February 20
Rose Reading Room
Richard Birkett, curator Yale Union

March 13
Rose Reading Room
Student workshop with Kerry Bickford and Elise Chagas

April 3
Lawrence 3
Shanay Jhaveri, curator of South Asian Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

April 17
Lawrence 3
Dan Byers, Mannion Family senior curator ICA Boston

May 1
Rose Reading Room
Mia Locks, co-curator, Whitney Biennial


Fall 2016

September 21
WCMA Reading Room
Introduction by Victoria Brooks “An Eye Versus Vision”

October 3
WCMA Rose Study Gallery
Guest speaker: Mary Anne Staniszewski “The Power of Display”

October 24
WCMA Rose Study Gallery
Student exhibition workshop with Margo Cohen Ristorucci and Kerry Bickford

November 7
Guest speaker: Martine Syms. Studio visit with Syms on-set in her current production An Evening with Queen White (to be shown at MoMA, and Raven Row Spring 2017) + tour of EMPAC

November 12
Trip to Boston or NYC (all day)

November 28
WCMA Lawrence 3
Guest speaker: Paul O’Neill, Program Director Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard “Curatorial Methodologies”

December 5
WCMA Rose Study Gallery
Guest speaker: Giles Round, Artist and Exhibition Designer


Spring 2016
All curatorial workshops met on Wednesdays from 4:15-6:00 pm in the Reading Room at WCMA unless otherwise noted. They were led by WCMA Deputy Director of Curatorial Affairs and Curator of Contemporary Art Lisa Dorin and MASS MoCA Curator Denise Markonish.

February 10: Lisa/Denise. Everyone talks about exhibitions that we’ve seen recently: What do we think the goals were? What worked? What didn’t? Guest speaker: Ian Alden Russell

March 7: Workshopping: Margo/Anna

March 16: Guest speaker: Artist Meleko Mokgosi

April 6: Field trip to Boston. ICA: curator Dan Byers; Geoffrey Farmer being installed. MFA: open until 9:45pm; curator Jen Mergel available until 6:30pm. MIT:  Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige on view.

April 20: Guest speaker: Jason Waite (possible offsite meeting)

Monday May 2: Final Wrap up


Fall 2015

All curatorial workshops met on Wednesdays from 4:15-6:00 pm in the Reading Room at WCMA unless otherwise noted. They were led by WCMA Deputy Director of Curatorial Affairs and Curator of Contemporary Art Lisa Dorin and MASS MoCA Curator Denise Markonish.

Curatorial: September 14: Introduction. Case studies/methodologies: encyclopedic museum, kunsthalle, academic museum, independent curators; Curatorial philosophies


Object: Tuesday, September 15 4:00-6 :00 pm at the Lunder Center at Stone Hill. Curator Kevin Murphy leads a discussion on J.M. Whistler.

Curatorial: September 28, 5:30 pm. Dinner at Lisa’s House with visiting curator Forrest Nash, Founder of Contemporary Art Daily.

Curatorial: October 26. Nina Wexelblatt, MA ‘16 to workshop her exhibition at MASS MoCA. Meet at MASS MoCA

Curatorial: November 2. TENTATIVE: RAP visitor, Matthew Affron from the PMA discusses an upcoming Prehistoric Futures show.

ALTERNATELY: November 9: Denise and artist Sean Foley to discuss exhibition they are co-curating.

Curatorial: Friday, November 13 or 30. Field trip to Providence, RI.

Curatorial: November 30. Fall semester wrap up.


Spring 2015 

Curatorial: Thursday, February 19, 4:00-5:30 pm. WCMA: Reading Room/Rose Gallery. Lisa Dorin.

Curatorial: Thursday, February 25, 4:00-5:30 pm. WCMA: Galleries. Darby English.

Curatorial: Monday, March 9, 4:00-5:30 pm. WCMA: Rose Gallery. Tumelo Mosaka.

Object: Monday, March 11, 4:30-5:30 pm. WCMA: Rose Gallery. Kevin Murphy- American Painting at WCMA.

Object: Thursday, April 23, 5:00-6:30 pm. Carswell Room, the Clark. Nat Trotman, Guggenheim Performance Art.

Curatorial: Wednesday, April 15,  4:40-5:30 pm. Carswell Room, the Clark. Thomas Schütte.

Curatorial: Monday, April 20, 7:00 pm. WCMA L231. Cesar Garcia, public talk.

Curatorial: Tuesday, April 21, 12:00-2:00 pm. Purple Pub. Cesar Garcia, lunch with students.

Curatorial: Friday, May 1. Trip to Bard, meet with Tom Eccles, continue on to NY.




Fall 2014

Curatorial: Saturday, September 6. Harry Cooper, Curator and Head of Modern Art, National Gallery of Art.
On curating from a permanent collection in the context of “Make It New: Abstract Painting from the National Gallery of Art, 1950-75.”

Object: Monday, September 14. Michael Fried, Professor of Humanities and the History of Art, Johns Hopkins. On Abstract art.

Object: Friday, September 19, 4:15-5:00 pm. West Pavilion, the Clark. Tom Loughman, Associate Director of the Clark. On Chinese Bronzes.

Curatorial: Monday, September 22. David Breslin, Associate Director of the Research and Academic Program and Associate Curator of Contemporary Projects at the Clark. On an upcoming 2015 retrospective on David Wojnarowicz at the Whitney Museum of American Art, co-curated with David Kiehl, the Whitney.

Curatorial: Wednesday, October 1. David Zink Yi, Artist, and Lisa Dorin, Deputy Director and Curator of Contemporary Art, WCMA. On a prospective project at the Williams College Museum of Art.

Object: Wednesday, October 8, 1:30-4:00 pm. Print Room, Manton Center. Laura Giles, Curator of Prints and Drawings, Princeton University Art Museum. On 16th and 17th Century Italian drawings.

Curatorial: Thursday, October 16. Lynne Cooke, Senior Curator, National Gallery of Art. On an upcoming exhibition exploring the relationship between mainstream and so-called “outsider” art practices in the United States in the twentieth century.

Curatorial: Monday, November 3. C. Ondine Chavoya, Professor of Art, Chair of Latina/o Studies Program. On Asco: Elite of the Obscure and his upcoming Pacific Standard Time project.

Curatorial: Monday, November 17
Group Conversation: “The Most Important Exhibition-Post World War II? Describe and Defend”


Spring 2014

Object: Monday, April 7, 4:00-5:30 pm. Hunter Studio. Michael Conforti.

Object: Monday, April 21, 4:00-5:30 pm. Print Room, Manton Center. Michael Conforti.

Object: Monday, April 28, 4:00-5:30 pm. Douglas Nickel, Brown University. On Photo Processing.

Object: Tuesday, May 13, 5:30pm. Stephen Bann, 19th Century prints. Gotlieb residence with dinner.