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Public Lecture–Mary Roberts: “An Orientalist Gesamtkunstwerk?”

Robert Sterling Clark Professor Mary Roberts presents “An Orientalist Gesamtkunstwerk? Frederic Leighton’s Arab Hall.”

Throughout his career British artist Lord Frederic Leighton traveled extensively across the Near East amassing an exceptional collection of Islamic art. Distancing himself from prevailing conventions of realism in nineteenth-century British Orientalism, Leighton insisted he was no ‘painter of Bedouins.’ The Arab Hall in his home in Holland Park, London, where he installed his collection, is the preeminent creation of his orientalist aestheticism.

In this lecture Roberts reconsiders the role of Islamic art in this semi-public interior, assessing how diverse sources from around the Mediterranean (including the Arab-inspired twelfth-century Norman palace of La Zisa in Palermo and historic tomb interiors in the former Ottoman capital Bursa) came to inspire this modern interior.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017
5:30 pm-6:30 pm

Michael Conforti Pavilion