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Rashida K. Braggs shares “Runnin’ to Grace” at the Williams College Museum of Art

In this works-in-progress event, Braggs shares part two of her “Grace” series, “Runnin’ to Grace,” a short video performance that reflects her observations as Black faculty navigating the pandemic daily and teaching in hybrid mode throughout the fall semester at Williams College. This performance-in-progress event is prefaced by introductory and contextual remarks and followed by a Q & A session.

Grace is a multi-part performance that foregrounds the experiences, emotions, and strategies of interdisciplinary scholar-performer Rashida K. Braggs as a Black faculty member surviving the double pandemic of systemic racialized violence and Covid-19. Braggs archives photos, videos, songs, phrases, events, and dance throughout the year of March 2020 to March 2021 and translates them into her multidisciplinary solo performance.

Braggs is an interdisciplinary scholar-performer with a doctorate in performance studies. She is the author of “Jazz Diasporas: Race, Music and Migration in Post-World War II Paris” and has written poetry, acted, and sung and danced in several national and international solo performances. As an associate professor in Africana Studies and faculty affiliate in Comparative Literature at Williams College, she teaches courses on music, dance and literature. In 2020, she commenced a two-year term as a fellow in the Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and the Davis Center. She is also a 2020-21 fellow in the Jacob’s Pillow Curriculum in Motion Institute, and Grace contributes to her final project for the program.

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