Student Projects

Check here for updates on recent student projects.


Face with open mouth in star-shaped opening of orange fabric

A graduate symposium convened by the Research and Academic Program at the Clark Art Institute, organized by Nat Sorscher, MA … Continue reading “Parasitism”


Installation view of Emancipation at WCMA

An exhibition at the Williams College Museum of Art, curated by Margaret Adler, BA Class of 1999 and MA Class … Continue reading “Emancipation”

Eluding Capture

An exhibition at MASS MoCA, curated by Jess Chen, MA Class of 2024 Eluding Capture features the work of Saodat … Continue reading “Eluding Capture”

Remixing The Hall

Remixing collections at the Williams College Museum of Art with MA program curators Williams College Museum of Art curators, including … Continue reading “Remixing The Hall”

Printed Renaissance

An exhibition organized by the Clark Art Institute and curated by Yuefeng Wu, MA Class of 2022 Printmaking—the art of … Continue reading “Printed Renaissance”

Art Conservation

graduate student Delaney Keenan standing in front of a podium in a dimly lit room with several images of her project project on thne wall

Conserving American art with WACC’s 2022–23 Lenett Fellows Two MA students from the Class of 2023—Delaney Keenan and So Jeong … Continue reading “Art Conservation”