to see oneself at a distance

An exhibition at MASS MoCA curated by Meghan Considine, MA Class of 2023

to see oneself at a distance proposes a kind of looking against the grain that focuses on revolutionary moments throughout the 20th century while complicating their over-romanticization. To see these histories at a distance is to reckon with their complexities, afterlifes, and the varying scales of their implications (from the individual to the global). The four artists in the exhibition employ rigorous archival research to create artworks that explore decolonization not as an event horizon, but as a series of gestures, ruptures, and fragments that might ripple across time and space. Together, the artists in to see oneself at a distance demonstrate how once-triumphant histories of liberation are (mis)remembered, instrumentalized, negotiated, and endure into the present.

This exhibition is on view at MASS MoCA through April 2024. Visit the website for more information and gallery guides. to see oneself at a distance is made possible by the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute in support of MASS MoCA and the Williams College Graduate Program in the History of Art.

Featured image: Hương Ngô, Vấn đề phụ nữ: A Question or a Problem, 2023. Blind-embossing with tint base on golden Dó paper. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Kaelan Burkett