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Michael Rakowitz in Conversation

This interdisciplinary panel with artist Michael Rakowitz and scholars Magnus Bernhardsson, Alison Gruseke, and Kirsten Scheid explores the historical context and contemporary resonance of Rakowitz’s installation “The invisible enemy should not exist (Room Z, Northwest Palace of Nimrud).” This event …


Annual Whitney Stoddard Lecture–Kelema Lee Moses

Kelema Lee Moses is an Assistant Professor of Art History at Occidental College whose work focuses on critical contemporary issues in the architectural and urban landscape of Pacific island cities. Her current book project, Island Modernism/Island Urbanism: Encountering Statehood in …


Strategies and Stereotypes in Renaissance Ethnography: A Lecture by Anthony Grafton

Anthony Grafton, Henry Putnam University Professor of History at Princeton University, is one of the foremost historians of early modern Europe and has authored ten books on aspects of this subject, including New Worlds, Ancient Texts: The Power of Tradition …


Artist Talk: Cauleen Smith

Cauleen Smith is an interdisciplinary artist whose work reflects upon the everyday possibilities of imagination. She draws from structuralism, third world cinema, and science fiction to make things that offer a phenomenological experience. Tuesday, October 8th, 2019 @ 6:00 pm …


Yasmine Taan lecture: Establishing an Arab Modern Visual Culture

Yasmine Nachabe Taan, Associate Professor at the School of Architecture & Design at the Lebanese American University, will discuss the breadth and depth in Hilmi al-Tuni’s illustrations and Abdulkader Arnaout’s typographic work. She will first highlight Arnaout’s contribution to the …


Deborah Rothschild To Speak on Memorial Monument to Lynching Victims

The Equal Justice Initiative creates the country’s first national memorial to the victims of lynching. Deborah Rothschild is consulting curator to the Equal Justice Initiative and former senior curator at the Williams College Museum of Art. She will discuss the …


Object Lab Close Look Tour

Join Professor Nicolas Howe and students from his Environmental Humanities course as they discuss how culture shapes the representation and experience of landscape. Tuesday, November 28 at 4:00pm Williams College Museum of Art


Plonsker Family Lecture in Contemporary Art: Clifford Owens

Clifford Owens presents “Your Head is Attached to Your Body” as this year’s Annual Plonsker Family Lecture in Contemporary Art. Clifford Owens is an artist, writer, and curator. Influenced by performance art practices of the 1960s, he is known for live …


Season Celebration at WCMA

Celebrate our fall exhibitions: “Barbara Takenaga,” “Pink Art,” “The Presence of Absence,” and “Object Lab.” Hear from artist Barbara Takenaga and guest curator Debra Bricker Balken followed by mini tours in the galleries. Thursday October 5th 5pm Williams College Museum …


Senior Studio Exhibition Reception

As contemporary as it gets, senior studio art students design and produce an exhibition of their work in the final semester of their college careers. Friday, May 12 at 7:00pm Williams College Museum of Art


Envisioning Curatorial Practice: Sarah Schultz

What does it mean to “curate the social”? Schultz’s talk will explore the role of social interaction and creative participation in contemporary museum practice. Currently an independent curator and public engagement consultant, she served as Director of Education and Curator …


Lynette Wallworth: Collisions

Lynette Wallworth is an Australian artist known for her immersive multimedia installations, which focus on the interactivity between humans and the natural world. Her most recent work is Collisions, a virtual reality investigation into the first contact between an indigenous Australian …


Close Look: Robert Rauschenberg: Autobiography

Hear from students from the Robert Rauschenberg: Art Archives and Exhibitions course about their experience exploring the archives and developing the exhibition. Thursday, April 6 at 4:00pm Williams College Museum of Art


Photography Exhibit: “Endgame Afghanistan”

Endgame Afghanistan In conjunction with the Theater of War, the Gaudino Fund presents a photography exhibit by soldier-turned-photographer Ben Brody. Working primarily for the nonprofit GroundTruth Project, Brody “spent several years embedded in Afghanistan, producing this complex, haunting series, which lays …


Hybrid Practice Series: Caroline Woolard

Hybrid Practice Series: Caroline Woolard Artist Caroline Woolard’s performative talk should be very engaging (and even surprising!). In particular, she will highlight the role of infrastructure– or organizational systems–in the life cycle of artistic projects. This idea is a critical …


The Annual Plonsker Family Lecture in Contemporary Art: Sharon Hayes

Sharon Hayes’s work in performance, video, and installation draws from historical examples of activism and protest to interrogate the present political climate. She tackles issues such as gay rights, gender construction, and militarism, often performing archival documentation in new or …


Rehearsal in Progress: David Zink Yi

We’ll open up the gallery for a half hour and invite you behind the scenes to see David Zink Yi and his fellow musicians prepare for the opening performance. Tuesday, Oct 4, 1:10 – 1:40 pm Wednesday, Oct 5, 11:00 …


Close Look: How does climate change affect YOU?

Think tanks in Indonesia and Morocco await your response. Curator Sonnet Coggins and Terence Washington MA ’17 will fire up the mobile unit to collect your climate change problems and update you on the unfolding project. Thursday, Sept 29, 2016 …


Jennifer Homans and New York City Ballet Dancers

Jennifer Homans, founder and director of The Center for Ballet and the Arts at NYU and author of Apollo’s Angels: A History of Ballet joins dancers from the New York City Ballet for a special conversation about ballet. This program …


Sharon Rotbard Lecture – White City Black City: Architecture and War in Tel Aviv and Jaffa

Lecture by Sharon Rotbard, Israeli architect, author, and publisher. The history of Tel Aviv, presented for a moment as an architectural history, can be seen as a part of a wider process in which the physical shaping of Tel Aviv and …


WCMA at Night: Cheryl Pope

Through interactive installations, performance, and sculpture Cheryl Pope drills into relationships between language, power, identity, and expression. This WCMA at Night features a series of interactive performances, drawn from an extended pen-pal correspondence between Pope and a group of Williams …


Artist talk: Vitaly Komar

Vitaly Komar, conceptual artist, will talk about his artistic path, his works and his evolving concept of artistic collaboration. His talk is entitled “Word and Image: My experience of being an artist in Soviet Russia and in the West.” Thursday, March …


Nick Cave

Get acquainted with the art of Nick Cave as he shares his vision of how objects can provoke vital exchanges about class, race, and identity. This discussion will offer a preview of Cave’s most ambitious installation to date: Until, an exhibition and performance space scheduled to …


Sew-In with Lexa and Dan Walsh

Both Sides Now is a first-time creative collaboration by sibling artists Lexa and Dan Walsh. Dan, a minimalist abstract painter, and Lexa, a socially engaged artist, come together to merge their practices around a shared interest in perception and encounters among …


Opening Celebration: Both Sides Now

Both Sides Now is a first-time creative collaboration by sibling artists Lexa and Dan Walsh. Dan, a minimalist abstract painter, and Lexa, a socially engaged artist, come together to merge their practices around a shared interest in perception and encounters …


Opening Celebration: African Art Against the State

Raise a glass with exhibition curator Michelle Apotsos and artist Fabrice Monteiro. Monteiro will speak about his photo series, The Prophecy, which explores the environmental devastation of the artist’s native Senegal. Three of the ten photographs in this series are …